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Web & Apps Development

We know each client has uniques bussiness, because that we have a unique web solution for each of our customers, we are leads in websites with content management sites (CMS), like Joomla and Wordpress, and also with ecomerse sites, with magento or  virtuemart. 

Or always, we can go with customs web solutions to solve the specific requierements of our clientes.

All of our site, are SEO compatible, crossbrowser compatibles, and now we are adding device compatibily for the new pages, that allows to see you page in a PC, Tablet, Phone and even a TV!

There is a list of the most common services that we offer, but remember, we are seniors web developers, only you imagination is the limit. 

Simple webpages: We call to simple because has no server side code, like PHP ASP or Java, these pages are only HTML static, ideal for clients that doesn't need to update their site too much. 

Smart webpages: This is an improved version of the Simple webpages, and has some of code on the server side to give it more inteligence to the website, like, forms, reports, searchs, webservices.

CMS: The content managment system are the battle horse of our menu, let to the customer to update their website many as you want. Its the most recommended solution for our customers. And also, is the CMS requieres something special, we can make it real doing a special module or component or page for the site working together with the selected CMS.

E-Commerce: We offer Magento E-Commerce to our customer because its the most popular solution, with a lot of add-on and many of them are 4 free or very cheap. And also providing a secure platform to make busines on the web. 

Custom Solutions: Many times our customers comes with new ideas, or new ways to make bussines, and cannot be acomplished with any of the previous solutions, so, we always are open to new chalenges. In this cases, we provide a custom solutions, by the hand of our programmers and engineers we can make anything real. This cases are taken as Software Developtment Lifetime, and the process of creation is builded for this steps: 

Software Cycle

We also provide of templating for the most common systems, like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Magento, and all of our designs are provided for our design department.